The Grape Creek Owners’ Club: Heath Vineyards

The Grape Creek Vineyards Owner's Club features wines that are sourced 100% from Heath Vineyards in the Paso Robles Willow Creek District and made in Texas at Grape Creek.  Due to the low yield viticulture practices we employ, only a limited production of ultra-premium grapes remain until harvest, and therefore limited wine availability.  We are very excited about the superb quality of this vineyard and the amazing wines produced from it. We love that we can offer it to our club members and enjoy it ourselves!

Here's how it works

A limited number of subscriptions are offered exclusively to existing Grape Creek Vineyards Wine Club Members.


You must be a Grape Creek wine club member (and stay a member) to purchase and maintain an Owner's Club membership.

Since we are fully subscribed we offer a waiting list for future shipments.

Wine Allocations and Shipments/Pick-Ups

  • The initial shipment in November 2016 included (2) Absolution, (1) Syrah, (1) Pinot Noir and (1) Captivating.
  • Due to very low yields for the 2015 harvest (delivered November 2017), the allocation will be one five-bottle set and the same composition as the 2014 vintage; (2) Absolution, (1) Syrah, (1) Pinot Noir and (1) Captivating
  • The 2016 harvest was spared the hot spring winds of 2015 and produced a more "normal" yield of 1.5-2 tons/acre. As a result, we anticipate we will be able reach the desired availability of two, 6-bottle allocations for each member, the first in November of 2018 and the second in May of 2019. 


The initial 2014 harvest allocation was offered at $395 ($335 net of wine club discount) plus tax and shipping (if applicable). We anticipate the pricing for the 2015 allocation (November 2017 delivery) will be in the same $335 range for the five-bottle set. We now offer the option of joining our waiting list with a non-refundable deposit of $50 that will apply to your first allocation. We will offer the next allocation on a first in/first out basis to future members on the waiting list.

Future pricing will be dependent on vintage and wine quality, although we do not expect significant departure from current pricing.

Any deposit would be forfeited if the member cancels in advance of their first shipment or fails to remain a member of Grape Creek's Wine Club.

four wine bottles

Very limited subscriptions to the

Grape Creek Owner’s Club: Heath Vineyards

available to existing Grape Creek Club Members.

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