Heath Vineyards is Carefully Planted According to Its 13 Micro-climates

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Low Yields, High Rewards

Heath Vineyards is a devotion to low yield vines. Our target yield range is between 2 tons/acre to 3.5 tons/acre. It is the dedication to controlled yields that permits all these terroir driven vineyards to produce such rich, full-bodied wines.

West Side Paso Robles

Heath Vineyards is situated in the Willow Creek District located on the West side of Paso Robles.

A more mountainous area exposed directly to the coastal cooling air makes this an unparalleled terroir. Perfectly suited soil, steep hillsides and wide daily temperature swings of hot days and very cool nights create rich, intense flavors and aromas.

Green for the Grape

We respect our grapes, we use approaches that are sustainable whenever and wherever we can. We give back to the earth every year by mulching our prunings to return the nutrients to the soil.


Saxum Vineyards


James Berry Vineyard
Paso Robles 2007

98 points
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate


Booker Wines

2011 Booker "Fracture"

Paso Robles Syrah

SKU #1152078

97 points
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Linne Calado

2011 Linne Calodo "Outsider"

Paso Robles Red Blend

SKU #1142330

95 points
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Heath Vineyards

Liberated from California, Vinted in the Republic of Texas

Available to existing Grape Creek Club Members.


L'Aventure Winery

2011 L'Aventure "Optimus Estate"

Paso Robles Red

SKU #1144637

94 points
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

The mountain side and mountain valley terroirs are separate in microclimates, soils, sun exposure, and in hi-lo temps.

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The vineyard can be subjected to daily highs of 95-110 degrees during the growing season, yet the nightly coastal cold air mass from the Templeton Gap is responsible for the incredible day/night temperature swings of up to 70 degrees from the hottest to the coolest parts of the vineyard on a daily basis. Thick fog rolls in early in the morning cooling the grapes. Warm sun then heats the air and vines in the afternoon to grow an ultra premium grape.

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Our vineyard is perfectly situated in the heart of Paso Robles’ ultra-premium red wine grape growing region. This recently appellated Paso Robles Willow Creek District AVA is home to a plethora of elevation variances. Heath Vineyards consists of predominately hillside limestone/shale slopes that rise from 1000 to 1200 ft over short distances creating mountain vineyard influences.

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Mountain side and mountain valley vary in soil type and depth. Heath Vineyards contains 6 acres of mountain valley containing rich river bottom soil with massive limestone boulders 4-6 feet beneath. The remaining 16 acres of mountain side vineyard cater to the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petite Verdot vines planted in limestone, with minimal topsoil and a massive limestone mountain underneath.

Many 90+ point wines have been nurtured from this estate and surrounding areas